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You have been searching for so long.

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My name is Nina Andersen.
I am a Healer, an Artist, a Teacher, and the Record Keeper.

With gratitude, I am in service,
to assist those of you that have the desire to develop your connection to Spirit.
I contribute to the acceleration of your awareness and awakening
through my healing, art, and spiritual teachings.

I feel Mother Earth calling to me. Do you feel the same?
She needs us now, more than ever.
It is time we wake up to who we really are!


Nina offers Reiki sessions with Divine healing energy. In studio or long distance sessions available.

Essential Oils

High quality essential oils infused with Divine healing energy.

HEart Paintings

Channeled paintings infused with Divine healing energy, custom created for you.


Acrylic and mixed media paintings. Check back regularly for more art from Nina.


Gemstone, crystal, glass, pearl, and silver jewelry infused with Divine healing energy.

Stained Glass

Traditional lead came method as well as Nina’s signature glass on glass technique.

Nina's Blog

Follow Nina’s studio blog for inspirational quotes, art, and spiritual messages.

Inconvenient Messenger

Walk with Nina as she shares her cancer journey and the messages she received.


Nina offers oracle card readings.
In studio or long distance sessions available.

Nina is all heart. She is a catalyst, a connector, and an agent of change. Nina’s healing energies are a tonic for the soul. Good-natured, kind, cooperative, and interested in mutual respect, Nina’s steady ascensional vibrations are true and honest. Nina embraces the realm of unconditional possibility with a positive and optimistic spirit. Nina’s creativity touches everything that she does***. She continues to be a testimony to faith and belief. Nina’s own courage and bravery enables her, in turn, to provide support and encouragement to others.
A better friend, mentor, or supporter could not be found. Simply put, Nina is love.

Samantha Kane-Kennedy

Andromeda Astrology

Wow- this is amazing. You have such an incredible story and beautiful way of writing too!!
I just adore the way you write Nina. It’s like I’m actually having a conversation with you! I think you have battled with enough crap that you have this confident- no nonsense way of saying it how it is…but almost wrapped in a hug. Love it!

J. Bradshaw

There are two celestial beings communicating with you. Star and Light. One Celestial Being is bringing in the light of the Divine. Another Celestial Being is bringing in the stars which connects us to the Galaxy and to Mother Earth. They want you to know, Nina, that this is what you are channeling in your paintings! I feel their amazing love in your paintings. So beautiful. Nina, you are beautiful.

Luisa Mitchell

Life and Spiritual Coach

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