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Are you feeling stuck?

Do you find yourself struggling
with a current situation?

Are you at a crossroads with a decision to make?

Do you wish your BF was with you,
to help you work through making those decisions,
and to walk with you as you take those next steps?

Spirit is your BEST FRIEND !

Spirit is always here to help you and guide you.

All you need to do is ask !

Just ask !

But, sometimes, for whatever reason, you doubt the answers that you receive.
Is it really Spirit speaking to you?
Or, is it just your ego speaking?
This is where I can help you.

Through my Oracle Card readings, Spirit is able to bypass your doubts and your ego to communicate directly with you!

I like to work with Colette Baron Reid’s oracle card deck, The Good Tarot. I love everything about this deck. Not only is the artwork breathtakingly beautiful, but I really like the approach Colette took in creating this deck. She has drawn on the traditional tarot and added her own positive spin to it. The deck works with current energies rather than being predictive. Colette has also included thoughtful empowering affirmations with each card. I like that.

I have found card decks to be incredibly sensitive and responsive for me. When I am providing a reading, rather than intuiting which card to pull for you, the cards themselves literally come flying out of the deck while I am shuffling !

With an oracle card reading, the guidance you receive from Spirit is always loving, empowering, uplifting, and yet honest. Just like your BF !

I am here to assist you, to facilitate your developing connection with Spirit.

Book your Oracle Card reading today and let’s get you moving in the direction that is for your highest good !

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All appointment times are listed as Pacific Standard Time.

Session rates are in Canadian funds.

Oracle Card readings are available in my studio or via Skype.

Please respect myself and other clients by being on time.

In preparation, allow yourself to be open to connection with Spirit.

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Nina Andersen gave me a Divination Reading by skype that opened up a few layers I could not see. She has the gift of holding safe space for Spirit to create the shift needed to see what is hidden. Her reading was very thorough and detailed with guidance around connecting the dots. Since her reading I was able to sit down to write almost all my memoirs just by Divine Guidance. I recommend Nina for Spiritual Guidance and Higher Awareness. 5 stars.

Cookee Dean

Spiritual Coach, Moon Maiden Spirit Coach

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