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I thought I would share another poem that I wrote many years ago.

The poem was originally written as a love poem from me to someone I cared for very much.

However, when I rediscovered my book of poems, I realized that it is actually a love poem that God has written to me. And it moved me to tears.


God’s Love (Through The Storms of Life)

When you hear the wind whisper,
Listen to it,
For it is My voice
Calling your name.

When you hear the thunder,
Feel it,
For it is My heart
Beating with love for you.

When you feel the rain fall,
Revel in it,
For it is My soul
Caressing your face.

When you feel the sun shine,
Embrace it,
For it is My love
Warming your soul.

When you see a rainbow,
Rejoice in it,
For it is a reflection
Of My love for you.

Written by Nina Andersen.

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