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What are HEart Paintings?

HEart Paintings are channeled paintings from the Divine. Hence the word HE art, or His art actually. The paintings are infused with Divine healing energy, healing energy being the HE in HEart. GOD does love a good play on words!

I also create custom channeled HEart Paintings for clients, with the assistance of their Higher Self and their spiritual guides.



How Did HEart Paintings Come About?

While working with Alicia Kent, I was challenged to paint every day. How did she even know that I was an artist? All my art supplies were packed away. I confess that I hadn’t painted in years! But, I felt I was up for the challenge.

I started with an abstract painting technique shared by Mellie Rose Test that helps you stay out of your head and in your heart. I began to feel strong emotions while painting, and I began to receive impressions on what the paintings want to be called, and the messages the paintings want to share. I also noticed that the paintings were coming in spurts, almost like stories or a series of events, that are to be told.

I thought maybe, just maybe, I was imagining things! I tentatively reached out to Luisa Mitchell.

“Have you ever heard of an angel or a celestial being by the name of Starlight? I asked her. Luisa replied,

“There are two celestial beings communicating with you. Star and Light. One Celestial Being is bringing in the light of the Divine. Another Celestial Being is bringing in the stars which connects us to the Galaxy and to Mother Earth. They want you to know, Nina, that this is what you are channeling in your paintings! I feel their amazing love in your paintings. So beautiful.”




Click on the image below to order your own custom channeled HEart Painting infused with Divine healing energy.


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