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So what is Reiki anyways?

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It assists in stress reduction, relaxation, balancing the chakras, and clearing the auric field.

Where did Reiki originate?

The Reiki we are familiar with today originated in Japan. The word Reiki is actually comprised of two Japanese words. Rei (ray), which translated means sacred or Higher Power, and Ki (key) which translated means universal life force. It is not known how old Reiki is, but all agree that it was reintroduced by Mikaio Usui in the late 19th century.

How does Reiki work?

The human body is made up of energy. Various toxins and stresses can result in a lower vibration of energy in the body, putting the chakras out of balance. In this weakened state, the person will have difficulty accessing the universal life force to strengthen, balance, and heal themselves.

The Reiki practitioner, by utilizing their own higher vibration, are able to safely allow themselves to act as a Divine channel or conduit for the recipient. This, in turn, elevates the recipient’s vibration enough so that they may draw on and receive the universal energy they require for healing and balance.

Reiki Healing

What is involved in a Reiki session?

Unlike a healing massage, the recipient remains fully clothed, with the exception of your shoes. During the Reiki session, the Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit by the laying of their hands on your body, or a few inches above your body, depending on your comfort level.

When you are in distress, you may hold that stress in a specific part of your physical body, or even in another layer of your being . During a Reiki session, while the focus for the Reiki practitioner is on the main chakras of your body, the Divine will sometimes compel the practitioner to focus on a specific area of your body as well.

Reiki is a natural healing modality. As such, it is quite safe. During the session you may feel tingling, vibrations, surges of energy, hot, or even cold. Or you just might feel so relaxed that you sleep through the entire session! You may laugh, cry, sigh, or dare I say it? Snore! It is all perfectly normal and acceptable.

Stresses and toxins can affect all levels of your body; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. You may find for example that, after a Reiki session, you may not feel a difference physically in that moment but, you notice that there has been a big shift in your emotional well being. Trust that Spirit knows where your healing is needed the most.

In all cases, I recommend that you stay well hydrated before and after your Reiki healing session.

What are Nina’s qualifications?

I am a Level II Reiki Practitioner. I have been trained and certified in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki tradition.

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Wear comfortable loose clothing.
Ensure you are well hydrated prior to your Reiki healing session.
Allow yourself to be open to healing.

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Because Nina has such an intuitive, gentle soul, she is the perfect person to give you treatment. Even if you aren’t aware of your concerns, she will find them and help. I have had the pleasure of receiving treatment from Nina. She is a true healer and is very in tune with what you will personally need. I am looking forward to my next treatment!
Maxine LeFlour

For those of you that get a chance to be in the company of Nina, you will be better for it. Nina has a wonderful way of being present in the moment with you. Her calm and warm smile will make your day.
I had the pleasure of meeting Nina at a networking event. Our friendship grew quickly, as we discovered our many common interests. She attended my Level II Reiki course and, during that time, I could see how gifted Nina is. Her Reiki attunement was extra special.
I know that all the people that take the opportunity to receive Reiki through Nina will enjoy the healing benefits very much.
Deanna Papineau

Deanna's Aroma Reiki Healing

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